gre mathematics test practice book

[FREE materials] GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book contains one actual full-length GRE Math test and also provides you with test-taking strategies to ace your actual GRE test. By the end of this practice book, you will be familiar with the test structure as well as its content, test instructions and answering procedures. Please like, share

barr0n’s ielts strategies and tips (2nd)

[FREE materials] Barron’s IELTS Strategies and Tips offers test-takers a range of strategies and tips for selecting the best methods in answering questions and making choices effectively and quickly. In addition, these tips and strategies will you give a plan for success on each module of the IETLS test (Listening, Writing, Speaking and Reading). The

cracking gre premium (2020 ed)

[FREE materials] Cracking GRE PREMIUM (2020 Edition) is a good resource for you to get ready for the GRE test. In this book, you will find the strategies, practice and review you need for the score you want. There are 6 full-length practice tests with complete answers and explanations. In addition, there are comprehensive content reviews,

barr0n’s phrasal verbs

[FREE materials] Barron’s Phrasal Verbs is designed to help intermediate students improve and achieve greater proficiency. This is a self-study guide which can be used on your own or in classroom. In this book, you will find over 400 most useful phrasal verbs in English with a focus on both the structure and practice. There


[FREE materials] Common Mistakes at IETLS Advanced and How to avoid them is an invaluable book that highlights the real mistakes that IELTS test-takers make in the exam and show you how to avoid them. Each unit in the book targets a key problem area based on analysis of thousands of exam scripts. You will get

Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT

[FREE materials] Nova’s Speaking and Writing Strategies for the TOEFL iBT will give you all you need to increase your speaking and writing scores. It shows you how to master the strategy called “Argument Mapping”. As you know, the TOEFL iBT speaking and writing sections are all about argument-based tasks, meaning that if you want

grammar and vocabulary for advanced

[FREE materials] This book is an updated version for the new Cambridge English : Advanced examination introduced in 2015. In Grammar and Vocabular for Advanced, you will find 25 units (1-25) presenting grammar context followed by a detailed explanation of the language for advanced learners. Also, Units 26-45 provides you with extended vocabulary knowledge, including

ielts advantage writing skills

[FREE materials] IELTS Advantage Writing Skills is made for students who want to achieve Band 6.5-7.0 or higher in the Writing module of the IELTS exam. The book aims to help you take your writing to this level based on many years of the authors’ successfully preparing students for the IELTS exam and their experience

reading, writing and learning in esl (7th)

[FREE materials] Reading, Writing and Learning in ESL: A Resource Book for Teaching K-12 English Learners (7th edition) is a reader-friendly and comprehensive resource book that gives teachers a huge amount of teaching ideas for improving the oral language, reading and writing development in English for K-12 students. The book provides up-to-date language acquisition theories,

get ready for ielts (sb+wb) (3.5-4.5)

[FREE materials] Get Ready for IELTS provides a solid foundation for students who are at lower-level to start out in their IELTS preparation and working within a band score of 3.5-4.5. With these two books, you will find tons of information, advice and practice material that help you improve your score and develop the key

5 lb. book of gree: 1800 practice problems (3rd)

[FREE materials] 5lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems by Manhattan (3rd) covers new mixed timed sets, micro drills to test individual skills and a cheat sheet of key math rules. In this book, you will find more than 1,800 practice problems containing every topic tested on the actual GRE. This is an essential resource for

official toefl ibt tests (vol 1)

[FREE materials] If you are preparing for your TOEFL test, probably you have already known what it is. For those of you who is taking the test for the first time, the TOEFL iBT test measures your ability to use and understand the English language in the university classroom as it is read, spoken, heard

english idioms in use (advanced -2nd)

[FREE materials] English Idioms in Use (advanced) is designed to help you take your knowledge of idioms to an advanced level. When you use idioms accurately and appropriately, it indicates that you have a truly advanced level of English. This book highlights the productive use of idioms as well as the comprehension of their meaning. In

c1 vocabulary files (advanced)(SB+key)

[FREE materials] C1 Vocabulary Files is for advanced C1-level learners. The book is designed to help students expand and improve their vocabulary in different areas and topics. There is a total of 15 units with different topics about economy, education, health, etc. Each unit provides a common vocabulary topic with a variety of exercises and

ielts band 9: grammar secrets

[FREE materials] IELTS Band 9: Grammar Secrets is the book that shows you how to develop one of the most crucial skills of all to ace your IELTS test – Academic English Grammar. In this book, you will find detailed explanations and guidelines on how to improve your paragraphs and sentences, especially for Task 2

vocabulary for toefl ibt

[FREE materials] Vocabulary for TOEFL iBT helps you build or renew essential vocabulary skills whether your exam is months away for coming up in a few weeks. Each chapter in the book is filled with practice questions to test the new skill you just learned. At the end of the book, you can also find

key questions in language teaching

[FREE materials] Key Questions in Language Teaching is written and structured with a list of questions and answers based on innovative evidence which highlights the main concepts and issues in language teaching. The readers will easily understand how these questions have been addressed by previous researchers and how the findings let you know the practices

official gre super power pack (3 books)

[FREE materials] The Official GRE Super Power Pack includes three Official Guides: The Official Guide to the GRE (3rd), Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning Questions (Vol 1, 2nd), and Official GRE Verbal Reasoning Questions (Vol 1, 2nd). This Official GRE® Super Power Pack (2017) provides you with key information and the practice you need to do

business english (10th)

[FREE materials] Many of you will and are about to enter or return to the world of work soon, and if you want to brush up your English skills, especially in business and workplace, this book – Business English is the right one for you. Business English has helped thousands of students improve their verbal


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