word roots 3

With Word Roots Level 3, students will be able to unlock the meaning of about 60% of the words they see in classroom and their daily lives with a systematic approach to teaching and using Greek and Latin prefixes, suffixes and bases. Teachers can use this book to introduce one new root per lesson with

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ad.vancing your phrasal verbs

Ad.vancing Your Phrasal Verbs is a vocabulary book for both teachers and adult learners at upper intermediate and lower advanced levels. There are 15 units in this book; each unit covers 10 phrasal verbs with relevant and easy-to-understand explanation and exercises. In this Book 1, the covered topics are grouped as the followings: body parts,

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ielts vocab masterclass 8.5

Needless to say, vocabulary is crucial for you to achieve your desired IETLS band score. It helps improve your writing and speaking skills as well as your listening comprehension and grammar when you sit for the exam. With IELTS Vocabular Masterclass 8.5, you will be provided with essential vocabulary ranging from phrasal verbs, graph vocabulary,

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gram.mar in use – advanced

Ad.vanced Gram.mar In use (3rd) is designed for advanced students of English. It is written mainly as a self-study practice book, but it can be used in class with a teacher. In this book, you will find 100 units with particular areas of grammar and various exercises which are in the form of short conversations,

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Succeed in IELTS Writing Task 2

Succeed in IELTS Writing is a 19-unit course and divided into 8 sections. This material can help you improve your IELTS Writing score by 1.0-1.5. This course consists of PDF notes for each lesson. You will find anything you need to know to tackle the Writing Task 2 with total confidence. After this course, you

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IELTS Listening Strategies

This book provides an excellent guide, with precise instructions and sample questions. It’s a thorough guide with quick tips. You can use the book as your first preparation guide and practice a lot. The book is extremely informative and helpful. It also has great tips on tackling listening test questions. A bit of the author

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intermediate reading and comprehension

Intermediate English Reading and Comprehension from Practice Makes Perfect includes a total of 15 reading texts about interesting, unusual and amazing topics. This book is to help you build your English vocabulary, develop your reading comprehension skills at an intermediate level and stimulate your further knowledge into the topics featured in the book. For each

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IELTS Target 6.5: Preparation for IELTS Academic

IELTS Target 6.5 is aimed at intermediate-level IELTS learners. The main focus of preparation is for the Academic IELTS exam, so this book is ideal for those who want to get college admissions or immigration purposes. The combined IELTS Target 6.5 Course Book and Workbook help you improve language competencies, rather than just focusing on

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ielts academic & general task 2 writing (2017)

[FREE materials] This is the 5th update of IELTS Academic and General Writing Task 2 which was first released in 2010. This book is a supplement to the help the IELTS candidates prepare and get ready for the IELTS Writing test. Although it is a helpful guide, candidates should learn from this book with active

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