basic grammar in use (+audio)

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This is a grammar book for students who are at beginning or low-intermediate levels. In this book, you will find a total of 113 units and each unit covers a different point of English grammar.

When you study with Basic English Grammar in Use, you don’t need to follow the units in order. It’s better to choose the topic or unit that you need to brush up first. Each unit contains two pages in which the information is on the left-hand page and the exercises are on the right.

At the end of the book, you will find the Answer Key to check your answers. You can also find the Appendixes at the back of the book with information about active and passive forms, spelling, phrasal verbs, irregular verbs, and short forms.

Additionally, there are extra exercises at the back of the book, specifically from page 238 to page 256.

Basic Grammar in Use is also a good book for English teachers, so you may benefit a lot from this book as teaching your students, especially those are in the beginning level.

This version comes with an audio file. Enjoy and good luck with your English learning!

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PDF +AUDIO (all in one)

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