english vocabulary in use elementary (classic)

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English Vocabulary in Use Elementary was first published in 1999 but it’s still very useful and helpful until today. In this book, you will learn about 1,250 new words and phrases. The words are presented on the left-hand page of each unit. Every new word or phrase is demonstrated in a sentence or conversation with relevant pictures to help give a better explanation of what it means.

On the right-hand page there are exercises and activities that help you practice using the words and in turn remember them better. You can choose any unit you want to learn first and don’t need to follow the units in order. You can use this book with or without a teacher.

There is answer key at the end of the book for you to check the answers to the exercises after you do them.

In addition, in the index section at the end of the book, you will find all the important words and phrases from the left-hand pages. It also tells you how to pronounce the words. Have fun learning English!

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