The Anti-Grammar Grammar Book

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The Anti-Grammar Grammar book is mainly designed for upper-intermediate and advanced students who have learned most of the tenses and verb forms in English. This book is suitable for those students who prepare for Cambridge first certificate or for those who are at a pre-Cambridge Proficiency stage. Also, the exercises featured in the book are helpful for EFL teachers at post-experience levels or trainee.

Needless to say, this is a grammar book, so you are certain to find something related to grammar, but not “rules”. We have enough of grammar rules, don’t we? This book, instead, puts the students in the role of “thinker”, presenting them with problem-solving and cognitive tasks to find out grammatical rules and meanings for themselves. Through the exercises and activities given in this book, you will improve your grammar skills and grow bigger interest in grammar in your own way. Note: all of the activities have been tested and tried in classrooms.

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