collins: work on your accent (with audio)

Work on your accent is designed to be used by anyone who speaks English as a second language. If you don’t feel confident about your accent yet, this is the book for you. Sometimes you find it frustrating as you are asked to repeat yourself, or you feel that people are just listening to how you are speaking, not what you are saying. This book will help you understand how changing your accent can make a big difference to how well people understand you.

Why do you need to soften your accent?

There are many reasons and these reasons may not apply to you but it’s possible that

  • People might make judgments about us when we speak. It could be personal or professional judgments. I am sure nobody likes judgments.
  • Truth be told, a strong accent may often be seen as a low language level (though people don’t say this out loud). This could lead to misunderstanding or losing your opportunities in your work and everyday life.
  • Even if you have perfect grammar and vocabulary, a strong accent can prevent understanding and make you feel less confident when you want to say or convey something.

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