BARRON’s IELTS-5th Edition

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More than over 7,000 educational institutions, professional organizations, governmental departments and agencies around the world use the IELTS test as a measure of English language proficiency.

Barron’s IELTS 5th edition provides practice for both Academic and General Training tests. This book includes practice and explanations for all of question types together with audio tracks for the listening section. 

You will find in this book four practice Academic tests reflective of the most recent exams and two practice General Training tests. The audio files containing audio for all tests and activities are also available for download.

An audio script is also included for the listening sections. What’s better is the book provides you with explanatory answers for all test questions. Practice accommodate you with all question types such as multiple-choice, sentence and flowchart completion, short answer, labeling graphs, tables, diagrams, maps, note taking, summarizing, classification, matching, etc. 

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